All You Need To Know About Director Identifier Numbers

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One of the common queries which commercial lawyers often receive from those who have just become, or are about to become, directors of a company, relates to Director Identifier Numbers (DINs). It is not just new directors who raise questions about DINs. Given that it is a relatively new requirement, some who have been company directors for years are also unclear on what DINs are and how they should comply with the applicable legislation, so what follows should help.

What Is A Director Identifier Number (DIN)?

A Director Identifier Number is a 15 digit number that enables individuals to be identified on public registers where legislation states that a director of a company must be identified. The difference that a DIN makes is that instead of a company director’s personal details such as their name, address and date of birth being published, their DIN is published instead.

When Were DINs Introduced?

All company directors were required to confirm and verify their identity with Australian Business Register Services (ABRS) starting from 21st November 2021. Once their details are verified, each company director will be issued with their Director Identifier Number which is unique to them. Below are further details of relative dates concerning when you must apply and the differences depending on which company legislation is relevant.


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